Whether you seek an MBA, BA, MA or PhD, I will use my 7 years of experience as a college admissions officer, evaluating over 10,000 applications, and my Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration at Harvard University to help you reach your goal. I began my career as an admissions consultant in 2005, and have already assisted hundreds of clients in their university applications.

I intimately know schools’ specialties and cultures, maintain close ties with admissions colleagues, and have built a powerful network of former clients to benefit you.


I participated in the admissions process from beginning to end, so I can guide you in every step of your applications, from brainstorming schools and crafting essays to preparing supporting documents and conducting mock interviews. You choose the pace and depth of our work depending on your needs.

Providing extensive, hands-on help, I will be your encouraging partner and counselor for all your concerns and questions - we will be a close team. I am in this with you.


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Among the true admission experts, Rachel has assessed and contributed to 1000s of applications throughout her admissions and consulting career, and therefore is one of the most experienced individuals in the industry. You will not come close to receiving the level of insight and guidance she provides as an experienced professional if you work with students who edit a few applications each year at big companies. Rachel is a global industry leader, and that makes a huge difference and impact on your application process and results.
MBA, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Class of 2011
Contact Me: E-mail:; Phone: +972-50-930-4059.